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A Just Determination review: Author's response

Thank you for the review. I'm obviously glad you liked the book, and also that you recognized I deliberately left some things unknown because in the real world they stay unknown (but we have to make decisions based upon what we do know). I've had fans tell me that I write 'middle-of-the-road' military sf (as opposed to left or right wing versions) and I regard that as high praise, so I'm happy you saw the same thing. As for the language...yes, I clean that up a lot (otherwise I'd keep wearing out the 'f' and 's' keys on my typewriter). It's deliberate, to keep the books suitable for young adults, because I want them to see an even-handed vision of the military and what I hope are some lessons on leadership and responsibility.

It's interesting you brought up the Iraq situation. I spent a lot of time working in intelligence, so I know how easy it is to see what you want to see, and how hard it can be to convince the bosses of something they don't want to hear. There's lots of shades of gray instead of the perfect crystal ball some people imagine.

As of now, I'm contracted for four books in the Sinclair series. The next one is called Burden of Proof and should be out early next year. If you get to the Stark series, you'll see it's a much darker vision in a classic "if this goes on" vein, written immediately before and after my retirement.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the 'further adventures' of Paul Sinclair.

John G. Hemry

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