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Black Brillion review: Author's response
Hello, Martin:
Thank you for a very insightful and quotable review. I immediately put some of it on my web page.

You're quite right about Wodehouse — I have openly acknowledged him as one of my prime influences, along with Jack Vance, Ernest Bramah, a touch of Clark Ashton Smith and, I suspect, a lingering echo of all those Thorne Smith books I read as a teenager. But Wodehouse and Vance are the springs from which I've drunk deepest; Fools Errant, someone said, is Jeeves and Bertie adrift in the Dying Earth.

I'm glad to hear that the repartee is appreciated. Have you read any of the Henghis Hapthorn stories in F&SF? I've just sold Gordon Van Gelder a novella which completes Henghis's arc of development over six stories, and Hartwell is interested in hearing a proposal for a Hapthorn novel. That would be fun.


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